B2B custom ecommerce incentive platform


Custom employee incentive programs


Retain and renew existing customers

Generate new leads and referrals

Improve customer and employee satisfaction

Engagement of employees, customers, partners


  • Channel reward programs

  • Sales incentive award programs

  • Employee awards & recognition

  • Customer loyalty

  • Training & sales enablement incentives

Channel incentives help create meaningful B2B partnerships based on channel loyalty and value. A variety of program formats help create powerful business-to-business relationships including:
Dealer Sales Incentives, Channel Loyalty Programs, Partner Reward Programs

The targeted incentives can be paramount to your success and it’s vitally important that your sales enablement strategy includes rewards for incremental performance.

Boost your sales on a specific range of products or services. Durably push brand preference amongst external sales force while optimising budget and processes.

Improve employees engagement
Increase high performers retention
Improve company attractiveness
You want to have a clear vision of your employees' work in order to ease their evaluation and to reward them according to their work.

You rely on your customers! The more satisfied the customer, the more like to do repeat business with a firm. Then, customer loyalty encourages customers to shop particular brands regularly, to spend more money, to advertise the brand with a mouth-to-mouth advertising and to have a positive shopping experience.

Ensure their loyalty through a combination of promotions, communication and analytics.

Trainings keep your partners/employees educated on the latest updates to your products and services. Providing incentives for completing training modules can help to ensure that your products are discussed and sold properly, contributing to your overall bottom line.

Grow your business
custom loyalty programs

The two most important perspectives to keep in mind as you develop and evaluate any incentive program are:

If you were a participant in the program, would you put forth the extra effort required to take advantage of the earning opportunity?

Will the executive sponsor of the incentive feel the program’s investment generated a satisfactory return?

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