Hundreds of flexible benefits that help with employee motivation and make job offers more attractive. Yes, we mean it. 

Now you can support your employees to stay motivated and develop, offering them what they really like. Together with our partners in medical subscriptions, wellness, vouchers and cards, we combined something that brings a lot of satisfaction to an employee with something that is easier and more efficient for an HR specialist. The results are accordingly: more ways to motivate employees and an improved digital experience for managing non-salary benefits.

Caring for employee health

We believe that the best way to help employees feel appreciated every day is knowing really well what motivates them and creating an environment that improves the quality of life, education and health (physical, mental, emotional). Especially if we consider that gen Z employees also want to work with companies that care about their physical and emotional health.

In order to be here for the companies that want to stand out and offer their employees the best options to prioritize their health, on the MYBENEFITS platform we included a series of medical benefits in the Regina Maria and Sanador private health clinics. An opportunity not just for employee health, but also for the organization – employee connection.

„We believe that people pay close attention to what they are being offered besides the salary. These benefits really differentiate employers. A part of these benefits define the culture of a company.” - Andrei Dumitrel, co-founder of MYBENEFITS.

In short, for all HR specialists, we have the following benefits on the MYBENEFITS platform for employee health:

  • 8 types of medical subscriptions, dedicated to children and adults, in the Regina Maria.
  • 4 types of medical subscriptions that include anything from annual medical tests to the most diverse medical services in the Sanador private health clinics.

Recognition. Satisfaction. Wellness.

Non-salary benefits are I.M.P.O.R.T.A.N.T for Romanian employees. In fact, for 20% of them, they are even more important than last year, and 60% would accept a job offer only if they received the desired benefits. And the packages that help improve wellness are among the top benefits that increase employee motivation in 2022.

There are many ways in which employee recognition can become a beneficial company practice. In fact, essential for a healthy team development and for the wellness of your employees. For this reason, when it comes to employee motivation techniques that increase productivity and creativity, we are the first to propose innovative solutions. Here are the wellness benefits you can use in your company if you consider the newest employee motivation strategies:

  • learning resources developed by Paul Olteanu and the Mind Arhitect team, which target self-awareness from a neuroscientific perspective and subjects of interest, such as Relationships, Carrier and professional life, Communication or Productivity and habits.
  • access to over 350 ESX sport clubs in Romania, plus tens of home training programs and various educational fitness and nutrition programs offered by ESX specialists.
  • gift vouchers for Decathlon România for employees who are passionate about sports or those who are curious and want to discover a new sport.

„The partnership with MyBenefits brings me so much joy because it helps us take another step towards a world in which anyone will be able to afford access to quality information in Romanian, which supports all self-awareness, personal development or healing processes. In all the groups that I have worked with over the years I noticed the continually greater enthusiasm and interest for such subjects, but, sadly, I also know that applying what they learned during the 2 – 3 day classes is challenging, especially when returning to the day-to-day routine. The ecosystem exists to help us remain connected to information even months or after attending the classes and its aim is to help us implement what we learn”, Paul Olteanu, founder of Mind Architect.

Benefits that embellish life

Do you coordinate teams? Then you must know that lack of recognition from management influences employee satisfaction. Show them that they are doing a good job and count on flexible benefits that help motivate employees. Our recommendation? Solutions that embellish our lives, but especially our home:

  • IKEA gift cards, to be used online or in store.

Employee motivation and a more beautiful and healthier organizational culture are important for your company? It’s time to include medical and wellness subscriptions, but also vouchers and cards for employee wellbeing in your salary package. And the best part is that in our flexible benefits platform employees can choose their favorite benefits following their monthly achievements, and the system is automated so that the HR team doesn’t have to supervise everything from scratch. Easy and efficient for everyone!

„For us, the user’s digital experience on the platform is essential, which is why the new version of the platform offers employees something easy to use and intuitive. We believe that carefully selected benefits that are anchored in the needs of the people and an easy and accessible interface make for an optimal employee experience on the platform.” Andrei Dumitrel, Co-founder MYBENEFITS


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