MyBenefits introduces BenAI, a new intelligent assistant based on an Artificial Intelligence (AI) model. Leveraging OpenAI’s GPT-4 model through Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, MyBenefits becomes one of the pioneering companies in Romania to integrate this advanced AI model into HR solutions. BenAI simplifies complex matters related to the world of benefits, enhancing the support offered to employees and optimizing benefit budgets.

"The main objective of this AI-based project is to create a continuously available assistance platform for employees. Towards this goal, MyBenefits development teams have created an internal dataset that trains the algorithm as it goes. The outcome is a personalised model capable of accurately responding to employees' questions. It also provides appropriate recommendations based on each employee's needs and preferences," says Andrei Dumitrel, CEO and co-founder of MyBenefits, a flexible benefits platform. 


Microsoft, through the Founders Hub Program for Start-ups, provided MyBenefits the guidance and mentorship that were the foundation used to build BenAI. The technologies used in the program are Azure OpenAI Service with GPT-4, Azure AKS, Azure Application Gateway, Azure DDOS Protection, and GitHub.

"Bolstering their solutions with Microsoft Azure, companies like MyBenefits create added value to their customers," emphasizes Bogdan Putinică, Country Manager at Microsoft Romania and Moldova. "The deep integration of a benefits platform with our technology empowers HR teams to be more efficient and allocate more time and energy towards people-centric initiatives and creative tasks."

With BenAI, HR managers can rely on the intelligent assistant to handle recurring and time-sensitive tasks, freeing up valuable time. The average time spent by users on managing their benefits is significantly reduced to just 21 minutes per month. By automating employee benefit-related inquiries, HR teams can shift their focus to other strategic priorities.


About MyBenefits

MyBenefits centralizes providers and their benefits in an intuitive interface, which employees can select based on their given budgets. Their employer receives a centralized tax report and learns about the consuming behavior of their employees. MyBenefits uses strong security measures to protect employee personal data and ensures a high degree of data confidentiality.

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MyBenefits's flexible benefits platform team would like to thank you for your confidence in our latest release of the first digital assistant based on AI technology from the flexible benefits industry in Romania : MyBenefits lanseaza asistentul inteligent BenAI bazat pe inteligenta artificiala MyBenefits lansează asistentul inteligent BenAI bazat pe inteligență artificială MyBenefits lanseaza asistentul inteligent BenAI bazat pe inteligenta artificiala

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